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How to hire an apprentice with future1st

Identify Your Needs:

Tell us about the apprentice or trainee you're looking for

Candidate Selection:

We source and vet candidates, involving you in the final selection

Training & Admin:

We handle all training, admin, and payroll for your new trainee

Ongoing Support:

We monitor progress and provide support to ensure a smooth apprenticeship

How We Recruit

Over 30 years of recruitment experience applied

Applicants are screened to meet strict selection criteria
Applicants are invited to attend an interview with Future1st GTO
Applicants who successfully complete the interview process are required to do a pre-selection assessment
Applicants attend an interview with their host employer
Once trainees are selected, they undergo comprehensive inductions to Future1st GTO, their host employer, and the RTO before commencement
Ongoing support

Why Hire An Apprentice?

Increased Productivity
Positive Brand Reputation
Address Skills Shortages

Investing in apprenticeships and traineeships is a strategic decision that can bring considerable benefits to your business.

By hiring an apprentice, you'll be directly addressing the current skilled labour shortage in Victoria, nurturing and developing local talent. These apprentices work towards nationally recognized qualifications, such as a Certificate III, equipping them with the most current skills and knowledge.

As a result, they can enhance your team's overall capabilities. Additionally, hiring an apprentice can lead to significant cost savings by reducing recruitment and training expenses. As the administrative tasks are handled externally, you'll free up valuable time to focus on your business's growth. It's a win-win situation, investing in the future success of your business and the career of an emerging professional.

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Who can hire an apprentice?

Any employer or business entity in Australia can hire an apprentice:

1.Small Businesses: Small businesses play a crucial role in offering apprenticeship opportunities, contributing to the growth of their industry and nurturing skilled workers.

2.Medium and Large Enterprises: Medium and large companies are also eligible and encouraged to participate in the Australian Apprenticeship program to build a skilled workforce and support the development of their sector.

Can a sole trader employ an apprentice?

Yes, as a sole trader or a self-employed individual in Australia, you have the opportunity to employ an apprentice. Sole traders can participate in apprenticeship programs and take on apprentices to grow their businesses and contribute to the development of skilled workers. It provides a valuable chance for both the sole trader and the apprentice to benefit from the arrangement.

How much does it cost to hire an apprentice?

The cost of hiring an apprentice can vary depending on several factors, including the type of apprenticeship, the industry, the location, and any government subsidies or incentives that may apply.

Can apprentices be hired as a casual?

Once an apprentice completes their apprenticeship and becomes a qualified tradesperson or reaches the end of their training period, they are no longer considered apprentices. At that point, they can be hired as permanent or fixed-term employees, depending on the employer's needs and the employment agreement.
What do I need to hire an apprentice?
1.Identify the role and qualification for the apprentice.
2.Check if your business is eligible to hire an apprentice.3.Contact an Apprenticeship Network Provider for guidance.
4.Register as an employer with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).5.Advertise the apprenticeship position to find candidates.6.Interview and select the right apprentice for the role.
7.Sign an Apprenticeship Training Contract with the apprentice.
8.Provide on-the-job training and support.9.Comply with employment laws and regulations.
For Businesses

Responsibilities of the host employer

As an employer of an apprentice or trainee, you are responsible for the following:
- making sure they receive the correct training
- making sure they are enrolled with a registered training organization (RTO)
- allowing them to leave work to attend off-the-job training
- providing appropriate facilities and experienced people to work with

Additional resources are available to help understand your obligations and expectations.

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